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Locate and Engage with your Target Audience in less than 8 weeks

In this course, you will learn to flesh out important details about your customer, so that you can design a product and service that fits a market need.

We’ll help you find and connect with your customers. You’ll validate your idea by engaging with them and getting a basic version of your solution.

Once you have proof that your solution is something that customers want to buy, you’ll learn how to present. You’ll design a 15 second product pitch statement and a 5 minute pitch deck.

It’s taken us a number of cohorts to get the curriculum dialed in so it produces results.  While we’ve gotten really good at teaching Entrepreneurs in face-to-face classes, we haven’t put it online yet.  We’re looking for a small group to test the online version out for a reduced price (around $200).  If you’d like to be a part of this initial group, please enter your email below.  We’ll be in touch shortly to schedule a free “coordinating” webinar.




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