Getting Traction

Here are a few resources and tools that are related to this subject.  If you’re looking for more on this subject, please contact The Lean Innovator or write below in the comments.  Also, please see here for our affiliate policy.

We start off this post with a book recommendation:  Traction, by Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares.  After that, we list two Landing Page builders and then a link to a free eBook on Sales Funnels.  The Sales Funnel landing page is a little over the top with the “yes, we’re awesome” thing, but the book itself is worth weathering the “look at me!” stuff. While they want you to pay shipping for the book, you can fill out the form and hit the big orange button to get access to the eBook for free. Also: the cookbook is really an informational plug for, the author’s webtool (which is a paid service).



The Free Landing Page Tool

The Paid Landing Page Tool


The Funnel Hacker’s Cookbook




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