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Who is Behind This

We’re a group of entrepreneurs and innovators who have seen many startups. We’ve observed that people want to start businesses, but don’t know where to start or where to go.

The Problem

New Entrepreneurs usually wonder about protecting intellectual property, forming a business, getting the business licensed, etc. The good news is that there is a lot of information available for these known questions – and that it’s easy to learn about. What doesn’t come up oftentimes is the ‘make or break’ questions, like “Where are my customers? Who are they? Do I have proof that they’ll buy?”
Before connectivity, we had to just cross our fingers and hope for the best when starting a new business. But now, we have so many wonderful ways to help us answer those questions before building anything. The days of waiting to break even are pretty much gone – but we don’t get them without some effort.

 Our Goal

Our goal is to bring together what we’ve learned and put it one place so we can host a community of empowered entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is definitely a solo undertaking, but it doesn’t have to happen without support.

Your Part

This site is actually a test. We have observed that although many folks talk about Entrepreneurship, few actually cover the topic holistically (mostly because the subject is HUGE!). We’ve built a ‘zoomed-out’ infographic, then listed a couple resources behind each one to test which subject areas you’d like to learn about first. We’ve also offered to host a Customer Validation workshop online for a small group of people for a reduced cost. You can help us determine which resources to build out by simply clicking on what interests you and leaving your contact info if you’re interested in more.

Next Steps…

If you haven’t already, have a look around the Infographic, Download the Course Outline, or sign up to be a part of the beta group.  Or, just let us know you’re interested by leaving us your email below!

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