How to Start a Business – Masterclass

What’s Inside the Course:

+Lesson 1: Intro

A review of what you already know about business.  At the end of this lesson, you’ll realize you can see things the way entrepreneurs do – by observing problems and figuring out ways to solve them.  We’ll finish up with a familiarization exercise, where you’ll practice drawing a template for your very first business model.

+Lesson 2: Deep Dive into the Business Model Canvas

You’ll learn the Business Model Canvas framework in this lesson.  We’re going to talk about the 9 building blocks of any business model – 4 blocks on the right side, 4 blocks on the left side, and one in the middle.  I’m also going to show you how we apply each of these blocks in a simple but real world example.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to easily understand any of the details that go into a business plan.  You’ll be able to start organizing your thoughts, since the canvas is a tool that helps us lay things out clearly and shows us the big picture really quickly.

+Lesson 3: Business Model Strategies

In this lesson, we’re going to zoom out a little, and I’m going to show you how different businesses use different strategies to make money.  All the blocks on the canvas are the same throughout – what changes is how the money and customers flow through the model.

At the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to take what you know and see all kinds of businesses in a whole new way.  You’ll leave this lesson knowing how to take any idea and figure out the best mechanisms and business models to use to make money with it.

+Lesson 4: Completing Your Own Canvas

So far, you’ve got a solid understanding of the 9 elements that make up a business model.  You’re also familiar with how different models fit together strategically.  That means that we can plan a business and understand how it works very quickly, and we can change things around while we’re creating it.  

By the end of this lesson, you’ll be able to find problems that you can turn into a business.  You’ll fill out your first and very own business model canvas.  And you’ll get a couple of research hacks that will make finding problems a lot easier.

+Lesson 5: Pitching Your Model to Others

In this lesson, I’m going to show you how to communicate your business to others – whether they are customers, partners, or even investors. 

We are going to learn a formula that will work – every time.  It’s basically a way to tell people about who your customers and what their problems are, and how the solution works.